Everyone knows that affording the cost of higher education is a worrisome burden virtually all US students go through.

According to recent reports, student debt is around 1.4 trillion dollars. Nearly 45 million students are struggling with college loans including 12% of them in default. It should be no surprise that a dating trend has been grabbing students’ attention across the US which can help relieve the stress of paying for college.

The trend is popularly known as ‘sugar daddy dating’ wherein students (sugar babies) date wealthy benefactors (sugar daddies) who, in this case, help pay for the cost of college.

Now before you get ready to pass judgment on this type of relationship a leading sugar dating site, Secret Benefits has recently reviewed this increase in college students joining the site and has found many interesting trends being shared with them from their members.

These are the top 4 trends they have found in sugar dating that is positively affecting higher education:

1. Mentorship. Secret Benefits found sugar babies believe their sugar daddies are not just wealthy older men and their relationships mean far more than just a casual date. Often these men act as mentors, connecting their sugar babies to influential people who may present future career options when they graduate. Having a sugar daddy that’s happy to impart work connections, knowledge, and wisdom has been an increasingly important benefit to students that often have a lack of real-world guidance and a difficult time finding decent paying jobs in their field after graduation.

2. Self-Confidence. So goes the saying, “You are the company you keep.” College students felt they gained a higher sense of confidence and self-worth from dating successful and mature people. Students have reported being treated with more respect and find their dating partners are more attentive and caring compared to dating their student peers. This, in turn, has given these sugar babies a more positive perspective on their lives and instilled a higher sense of self-value. These higher confidence levels have a generally positive impact on students allowing them to apply themselves in ways they otherwise would not necessarily have – such as running for student government, electing to take more advanced courses, or joining proactive student activities.

3. Focus. University students claim they’ve found more time for studying (thus getting better grades) once they start sugar dating. This is mostly due to spending less time working multiple part-time jobs and chasing after flighty college-aged men. Sugar dating allows for a very upfront dating experience where there is little guesswork involved and everyone’s time is more respected. Some student sugar babies have reported an improvement up to 2-grade levels in their testing since dating their sugar daddies! This result has allowed many students to apply for scholarships and grants they otherwise had thought impossible due to their previous grades.

4. Financial. Many university sugar babies indicated that they already preferred to date older men before discovering the sugar dating site, Secret Benefits. According to Sara, a junior at Temple, “I was already dating older guys, yet aside from the pleasure of being with a more mature man I wasn’t gaining anything financially, which is fine, but now that I’ve been on Secret Benefits I’m still dating silver foxes, but I’m also getting financial assistance which is so valuable to my college education. Sugar dating simply provides a platform that allows women like me to see the kind of men we prefer to date and in exchange, these men get to pamper and mentor young women like myself in a way they were previously unsure on how to best approach.”

Astoundingly, Secret Benefits has found, when comparing their data with recent college enrollment data, that most colleges have at least 1 sugar baby in every classroom and at least 5 in every lecture hall. Some of the top colleges with profiles created on Secret Benefits include NYU, Temple, UCLA, Georgia State, Kent State, and ASU.

It’s reported that up to 45% of total sugar baby profiles have been created on the site by college students in the past 2 years! This is an impressive increase partly due to sugar dating having been far less accessible before gaining its current popularity and acceptance.

Through these reports, we see how sugar dating platforms, such as SecretBenefits.com, have had a positive impact on university students both emotionally and intellectually – as well as financially. If you think you are interested in trying out sugar dating for yourself Click Here to sign-up for free!