Seattle is one of the best cities in the US that I’ve ever visited.

I was really lucky and got nothing but sunshine for the four days I spent there.

Absolutely amazing weather.

The weather was soooo good it forced me up early and into bed late. I was able to jam pack my four days with a ton of tourist attractions and I crossed off almost everything on my massive to do list I made before my trip.

With that said, I want to share with you my top 50 Seattle things to do along with my experience of it all and a little bit of advice thrown in here and there.

I hope this list helps you plan your trip to Seattle.

Here we go!

50 Best Things To See And Do In Seattle Washington For Visitors

1// Experience Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is Seattle's top tourist destination! Here are 17 things to do in Pike Place Market.

The #1 most popular thing to do in Seattle is to visit Pike Place Market. It is Seattle’s original farmers market and is 100 years old, making it one of the oldest continuous farmers market in the U.S.

My hotel (Hotel Max) was only an 8 minute walk from Pike Place. Because it was so close, I had the opportunity to see Pike Place four times during my Seattle visit.

At Pike Place, you’ll find lots of fruits, vegetables, seafoods, restaurants and other food joints all over the market. The food at Pike Place is absolutely amazing anywhere you go. You can take food tours there too and sample a variety of Seattle’s best foods.

I’d budget at least a few hours at Pike Marketplace. It will be incredibly busy with tourists everywhere. So be patient and take it all in.

I wrote a separate blog post about the Top 17 things to do in Pike Place Market that you can check out.

2// Go on a food tour at Pike Place market

Pike Place is a farmers market that sells a bunch of different things, but its main attraction is food food food. You can buy many varieties of fresh vegetables and seafoods, and sample cooked food at the dozens of food joints around.

However, its a little hard to know what’s truly amazing and what you should spend your money on. A really unique way to experience Pike Place food is to go on a food tour of the market. You’ll get guided around Pike Place, learn it’s 100 year history and get to sample amazing foods from many vendors along the way.

Check out this Pike Place food tour.

3// Walk Seattle’s Waterfront

Seattle’s Waterfront is one of the best free things to do in Seattle. I just really hope you get a lot of sun like I did. It makes the waterfront walk a gazillion times better. See the Great Wheel (ferris wheel), see Seattle’s sky scrapers, see Elliott Bay, and maybe eat seafood at a waterfront restaurant. You can make your walk short or very very long. I recommend just heading down there and spontaneously walking without and real plan. Or, here’s an idea of how to walk the waterfront.

4// Visit Gas Works Park

Seattle's coolest and weirdest park, Gas Works Park, used to be a real coal gasification manufacturing plant. Now, it's a fun park for everyone to enjoy. Here are 36 amazing pictures of this park.

Gas Works Park is Seattle’s most unique park. It used to be an real gas plant. It has since been turned into an actual park for people to hang out in. I went to Gas Works Park on a really sunny Sunday morning and saw people getting their wedding photo’s taken, people reading on the grass and biking through, and other photographers taking pictures of the place.

There’s a nice little hill at Gas Works Park where most people seem to like to hang. Gas Works Park is very close to the Fremont neighborhood. You can walk over from Gas Works Park to Fremont (about 15 minutes). You’ll cross many bridges and walk along the water line path. It’s a really really gorgeous walk on a sunny day.

Here’s a blog post about my experience at Gas Works Park.

5// Eat at Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place New England Clam Chowder

Seattle’s most famous Chowder restaurant, Pike Place Chowder, is something you MUST try if you are a fan of chowders. They have two locations, one in Pike Place Market, and one in Pacific Place (a mall about 12 minutes away from Pike Place).

If you’re okay with standing in line, go to the Pike Place Market one. Eating there would be more fun than eating in a mall. I ended up going to the Pacific Place location twice to eat their incredibly tasty New England Chowder. The lines are much smaller here and it was 5 minute walk from my hotel.

I wrote a blog post about my experience at Pike Place Chowder that you can see here.

6// Visit the 1st Starbucks in the world

The first Starbucks in the world is in Seattle Pike Place Market. Visiting this Starbucks is one of the top things to do in Seattle.

Seeing the first Starbucks in the world was really high on my list of things to do. It is located in the middle of Pike Place Market and is hard to miss. Just look for the huge line of people waiting outside and it will probably be Starbucks.

It’s busy. Super busy. We waiting in line for about 20 minutes before we ordered, and that’s pretty normal wait times. I know this, because I over heard a tour guide saying this to his people =].

This Starbucks is special because it’s the first Starbucks in the world (duh!) but also because you can drink their special Pike Place Reserve coffee here. They only have these beans available at a few locations only. I tried the coffee (cold brew) and bought a couple bags to bring back home. Honestly, it just tasted “ok”. But you should try it too when you visit. Gotta try the new stuff when you get the chance right!

7// See the Gum Wall

bubble gum wall

The Gum Wall was also something I needed to see in Seattle. Like, where are you going to see a wall full of colorful gum! The Gum Wall is actually in an alley beside Pike Place Market. It’s a little tricky to get there because there are no signs that point you there. But find where Post Alley is and go there. It’s in that alley.

If you want to see pictures of the Gum Wall read this blog post.

8// Attend a Festival

Seattle has festivals year round. Festivals are popular things to do in Seattle, like the Northwest Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.

Seattle has many festivals throughout the year. I happen to run in to the Northwest Folklife festival when I was waiting to go up the Space Needle. It’s located in the Seattle Center park area. There are A LOT of things to in and around the Space Needle (Seattle Center), so budget extra time here when you see it.

9// Roam around Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is Seattle's original neighborhood, and a popular place to visit in Seattle.

Pioneer Square is Seattle’s original neighborhood. It’s where Seattle was born. It also burned down over 100 years ago and was rebuilt. They actually rebuilt on top of what was existing already (which makes it pretty unique). Seattle’s original neighborhood is one of the strangest places to learn about. It’s history is just super weird. Basically, female “escorts” funded the economy back then and really made it possible for Seattle to become what it is today. I learned a lot about Pioneer Square’s history at Seattle’s Underground Tour.

Weird history aside, Pioneer Square is a lovely place to be. It’s got the old charm I love and seek out. There are many places to eat and enjoy a beverage, and to sit outside and enjoy the rare Seattle sunshine. The night life is good here too. And just to let you know, there are homeless people / beggars here so be aware of that.

10// Drink at Merchants Cafe (Seattle’s oldest bar)

Merchants Cafe and Saloon is Seattle's oldest place to get a drink. It is located in Pioneer square. Grabbing a drink here is a fun thing to do in Seattle

Want to grab a drink at an old and historic place? Then you need to drink at Merchants Cafe. It’s located in Pioneer Square across the Starbucks and is over 100 years old. It’s not just an old place to grab a drink though. It has been through some amazing and interesting history along with being something old. You can read more about that here.

11// Stay at a premium hotel

Four Seasons is a premium hotel chain with a location in Seattle's waterfront.

Seattle doesn’t really have many budget hotel options. Not in the main areas of town that you prefer to be in at least. In my opinion, if you have to spend decent money on a hotel already, might as well spend a little more for that luxury experience few of us ever get to experience…. because…. you know…. vacation!

Staying in a hotel is big part of a vacation experience. If you want to make it luxury, here are some pretty damn awesome hotels choices in Seattle:

Four Seasons Seattle

Marriott Waterfront

Alexis Hotel

12// Go up the Space Needle

The restaurant at the Space Needle

Though Pike Place is the most visited tourist thing in Seattle, the Space Needle is the thing Seattle is most well known for. The Space Needle to Seattle is what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

The Space Needle was a must do for me. I think it should be for anyone. It’s just such an iconic thing in Seattle. I went up it at night time. I think going up it during the day would have been awesome too. You can save money by going up it before 10am and after 10pm (save about $10 off an adult ticket).

Here’s my blog post about my Space Needle experience (with a lot of Space Needle pictures!)

13// Visit the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

The Museum of Modern POP is a trendy tourist destination in Seattle

The Museum of Pop Culture is located in Seattle Center (Where the Space Needle also is). So you’ll likely be by this museum when you visit Seattle. If you like Rock and Roll and Pop culture, there could be some exhibits that may interest you. You can walk in to check it our while you use the free restrooms (like I did haha).

14// Take an Underground Tour

The Underground Tour is a very popular tourist attraction in Seattle. You'll learn about Seattle's beginnings on this tour. It's very strange and weird history.

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour in Pioneer Square will teach you a lot of Seattle’s history. I think the most fun part about it is going underground and seeing the actual areas that people used to roam around in 100 years ago. Also, as I mentioned earlier, Seattle’s history is just really weird and that makes doing the Underground Tour cool. It smells like a flooded basement down there fyi.

By the way, there were at least 3 groups being lead at the same time when I was doing my tour. Each group was like 20-30 people or so. Basically, it’s a super super popular thing to do in Seattle.

15// Watch a Mariners game

Cheap tickets and overpriced food and beer. Slow paced game. But that’s what baseball is all about. Catch a game if you’ve never been to one.

16// Watch a Sounders game

Century Link field is where the Seattle Sounders play soccer.

Soccer is much cooler in my books. Tickets are pricier than baseball tickets but if you’ve never attended a MLS soccer game, Seattle is as good of a place as any for your first time.

17// Watch a Seahawks game

Tickets will be expensive and it will be incredibly busy. But its the NFL and you’re pretty much not going to find more passionate fans than NFL fans.

18// Take a city tour

Seattle is a wonderful walking city with lots to see just from roaming around.

If you’re short on time or don’t want to do much research into the things you really need to see and do in Seattle, then taking a guided tour of Seattle is probably right for you. I always love guided tours because of all the things I learn that I would otherwise never know. There isn’t a free walking tour in Seattle unfortunately. So a personalized small group guided tour is what’s on the table.

Here’s a really popular Seattle city tour.

19// Visit Chinatown

Chinatown Seattle is one of the oldest neighborhoods and a popular destination to visit in Seattle.

Chinatown in Seattle is nice and it felt like a Chinatown (unlike Portland!) It’s a great place for some cheap eats (less than $10 a meal) and to grab a boba drink. Chinatown is one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods as well. You’ll see a lot of asians, tourists, and some bums too. It’s worth a stroll around. Especially before or after you check out a sporting event (the stadiums are right beside Chinatown).

20// See Seattle’s Public Library

Seattle’s main library, The Central Library in downtown, is easily the BEST library I’ve ever been to. What makes this library stunning is its architecture. It’s out of this world. It’s something you just have to see in person. There are 10 floors of it to experience too. So go to the top and make your way down. Take plenty of photos. It’s free and you can use their restrooms and free wifi. Also, inside in the main floor you will find a stand with pamphlets of all of Seattle’s bus routes. Might be useful for you.

21// Visit Columbia Center observation deck

Seattle view from Columbia Tower

The tallest building in Seattle is Colombia Center. It’s also the 4th tallest in the West Coast. This building has an observation deck on the 76th floor that you can pay to check out. I did, and while it wasn’t cheap to go up ($14.95 adult ticket), I got some great shots of Seattle’s skyline.

Here’s a blog post with pictures of the Columbia Tower and views from the obervation deck.

22// Ride the Emerald City Trolly

Ride the Emerald City bus through downtown Seattle.

The green Emerald bus trolly takes you around the downtown core of Seattle. You’ll pass by many popular tourist attractions along the way. I saw a bunch of these busses during my time in Seattle. If you’ve ever rode a bus tour in any other city you’ll have a good idea of what it’s like. This isn’t a double decker though (so not as cool!)

23// Visit Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a hell of a cool place. It’s biggest feature is its various types of terrain (farmland, beaches, mountains, and forests) to explore. There’s a ton to do there, like hiking, mountain climbing, camping, backpacking – you know, the usual mountain stuff. You’ll need your own gear, a vehicle, and a few days at least to really experience Olympic National Park fully.

However, if you’re a nature person and want to experience highlights of Olympic National Park, a day tour from Seattle would be awesome. You can learn more about that here.

24// Eat seafood

Seattle has all kinds of seafoods to eat.

Seattle is a port city and like all port cities, there is a lot of fresh seafood to eat! There’s a ton of seafood restaurants all around the city, from UMI Sushi to Walrus and the Carpenter. It does suck that even though Seattle is a port city, their prices of seafood doesn’t come cheaper. You’ll need some extra pocket change to indulge in seafood here. But hey, you’re on vacation.

If you only have the budget to splurge on seafood once, I recommend dining at one of the seafood restaurants along the waterfront during sunset. Elliott’s Oyster House, Ivar’s Acres of Clam, and Six Seven Restaurant are good choices, and

25// Go to Alki Beach

Alki Beach, Seattle's best beach, is one of the most popular things to do in Seattle

Alki Beach is Seattle’s best beach hands down. If it’s sunny out, and you enjoy the sun (like who doesn’t :P) then Alki Beach is a 100% no brainer.

It will be busy there. You’ll see a lot of different types of people (young and old) and see a TON of different type of vehicles. It seems like people love driving their unique cars down there. I even saw a Delorean with doors lifted up for show off points.

There are many restaurants on Alki beach and many places to grab a beverage. Try and find a place with a balcony or something similar. just enjoy the beach vibes and bask in the sun. Alki Beach was one of my best moments in Seattle. I was running around so much around the city, but at the beach, I sat back and relaxed. I had an amazing burger and a free drink (because the hostess spilled water on me) while the sun was setting. Just amazing vibes all around.

Here’s my blog post about my Alki Beach experience.

26// Drink and dine at Pike Brewing Company

Pike Brewing Company is an icon in Seattle’s brewing scene. They are located in Pike Market and they also have brew tours you can join. They are to Seattle what Deschutes Brewery is to Portland.

27// Take a Brewery tour

Seattle is decently big on beer. If you’re a fan of sampling local beer, then a brew tour is for you. I mentioned Pike Brewing brew tour above, but there are a few others in Seattle that are great too. You can see a list of them here.

28// Ride the Great Wheel (ferris wheel)

The Great Wheel is Seattle's famous ferris wheel. It is a top tourist attraction in Seattle and a fun thing to do.

It’s not the grand London Eye, but it’s an opportunity to ride a sizable ferris wheel by a waterfront. If you’ve never done this before, do it in Seattle. You’ll find the Great Wheel on Pier 57 along the waterfront. It’s really hard to miss because it’s big. Adult tickets are $14. You’ll get nice views of Seattle as you slowly go around. It’s right beside some excellent downtown buildings. I’ve been on a bunch of big ferris wheels before so I skipped it this time. However, if this is a new experience for you, I really recommend it.

29// Go shopping

There are tons of places to buy stuff in Seattle. Seattle has big brand chains like Nordstrom and smaller luxury stores like Tiffany & Co, and everything in between. Downtown has shopping all over the place, including malls like Pacific Place and Westlake Center. If you’re into luxury shopping and brands, downtown is where you want to be. The Ballard neighborhood is full of boutique stores which I absolutely adore. Belltown neighborhood has more artsy type shops, and Fremont is more of a funky place to shop with their more quirky stores. The waterfront area is probably the best place to find Seattle souvenirs.

30// Go on a Coffee Tour with Starbucks

Seattle is one of the few places where you can get Starbucks special Pike Place reserve beans to drink and buy.

I am a growing coffee lover and I was so excited to get an opportunity to go on a coffee tour with Starbucks until I found out I needed at least 5 people in my party to book an appointment. What a bummer. Oh well. But if you will be in Seattle with at least 5 people and they’re down for a coffee education session with the goliath Starbucks, then click here to learn how to do that.

31// Visit Kerry Park

Kerry Park has the postcard view of Seattle. It's one of the best things to do in Seattle because it's free and fun.

Kerry park is famous for its “post card” view of Seattle. I’m not sure if it’s the best place in the city to see Seattle’s skyline, however it’s definitely the most popular. I would say it’s not the easiest place to get to since it’s a little out of the way from the main attractions and on a hill. If you have a car you’ll be fine. Or you can Uber. The park itself is small and isn’t really a place to chill out in in my opinion, but there were people there with their dogs and a couple had lawn chairs too.

Kerry Park is mostly just a lookout point. It’s decently close to the Seattle Center, so I recommend doing Kerry Park in conjunction with things like the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass (located in Seattle Center).

You can see view of Seattle from Kerry Park in my blog post here.

32// Learn about Native American culture at Tillicum Village

Tillicum Village is a very historic place in the North West region of the U.S. You can visit this village and to learn about Native American culture in this area by cruising over to their village. You’ll also get to see Blake Island, which is the birthplace of Chief Seattle (Seattle is named after this Chief).

Check out the tour here.

33// Experience Ballard Sunday Market

Ballard Sunday Market happens every Sunday and is a very popular thing to do in Seattle

There are two markets that happen every Sunday. One in Ballard and one in Fremont. Both are similar in how they are set up, but I enjoyed Ballard Sunday Market more. They both have vendors selling similar items, however Ballard’s market is bigger and it also has WAY more food. Like a lot more.

Also, in my opinion, Ballard Sunday Market is situated in Ballard Ave and Market Street and I like these streets better. They have more trendy stores (boutique variety) and dare I say better restaurants than Fremont.

But here’ the deal. The really cool thing about Ballard and Fremont Sunday markets is that these neighborhoods are close to each other. So you can visit BOTH of them on the same day. That’s what I did.

We took an Uber from Fremont to Ballard. And on the way, our driver showed us the house that inspired the Disney movie UP! Which was a really fun surprise for us.

34// See the house that inspired the movie UP!

The house that inspired the movie UP! is located in Seattle. It is fun thing to see in Seattle that is not well known.

On our way from Fremont to Ballard, our Uber driver showed us the actual house that inspired the movie UP! I wish I got out of the car to take a better photo and to get photos of the surrounding commercial buildings. Anyway, it’s really true that the owner of this little house refused to move. So businesses built around this home which still stands today.

35// Experience Fremont Sunday Market

Every Sunday Fremont farmers market is open. If you're wondering what to do in Seattle on a Sunday, check out Fremont market.

The Fremont Sunday Market happens every Sunday. They block off roads, the tents go up, and vendors set up their stuff. Vendors from all over Washington State sell their stuff here. You’ll find things like vegetables, fruit, jams, flowers, hand made crafts, teas and candles, and other similar things for sale.

There is also an area where you can buy really really weird stuff. Like random old photos, name tags, old vinyl record, weird t-shirts, antiques, bracelets, and other stuff I have never seen before. Did I say it was weird?

Right beside where Fremont Sunday market starts is a Google campus you can check out. It’s empty on a Sunday though. But if you’re a bit of a techy fan like me, just seeing the buildings is kind of fun.

36// Visit “The Center of the Universe”

The Fremont neighborhood in Seattle is nicknamed “The center of the universe”. It’s a nice place to walk around and spend an afternoon and especially an evening in. Here you’ll find a ton of restaurants, places that play live music, bars and coffee shops. The nightlife is pretty solid. The 36th/35th Street area in Fremont is the core and where you’ll probably spend most of your time. The Fremont Sunday market is also here every Sunday.

37// Walk down Ballard Ave & Market Street

Both Ballard Avenue and Market Street are extremely popular streets to walk down in the Ballard neighborhood. You'll find many things to do here including shopping at boutique shops and eating in restaurants.

Ballard Ave and Market street are both super trendy places to walk through in the Ballard district. Here you’ll find a lot of boutique shopping opportunities and places to eat. It’s a great way to spend a sunny afternoon or enjoy evening festivities at bars and music joints.  I didn’t get a chance to visit Ballard in the evening, but from what I hear, the vibe here is a little more mature compared to Fremont.

If I wasn’t staying in the downtown area, Ballard would probably be my next favorite area to stay. The Hotel Ballard would be my dream place to stay. It’s luxury accommodation in the best area of Ballard.

38// See the Troll under the bridge

The Troll under the bridge in Fremont is a must see thing in Seattle

The famous Fremont Troll is walking distance from Fremont Sunday Market. It’s under the Aurora bridge. To walk there, you’ll be going uphill a little. But nothing crazy. It’s also a very easy place to drive to and get off compared to places in downtown where traffic is heavy and space is limited.

I’m not sure how busy it gets, but when we got there, there was maybe 6 people. In a matter of maybe 10 minutes, there was 35 people not including us. Where did they come from? I have no idea. It just got really crowded all of a sudden. Ah well…. the tourist life!

39// See the Lenon Statue

The Statue of Lenon is in downtown Fremont Seattle.

The Lenon Statue is also in Fremont. It’s located in what you would call the downtown area of Fremont. Pretty much it’s just a statue. It was a lot bigger than I expected though. The statue was originally installed in former Czechoslovakia and was then transferred to Seattle.I have no idea why. But that’s your random fact of the day :P.

40// Go on a Gourmet walking tour

Seattle is really big on food and drink. If you want to experience Seattle’s food in an organized and informative manner, a Gourmet walking tour should interest you.

Here’s a very popular Gourmet walking tour.

41// See Theo’s Chocolate factory & take a chocolate factory tour

Theo’s Chocolate is a very popular chocolate manufacturer in Seattle. One thing that makes them a little more unique is that you can attend one of their factory tours where you’ll see and learn how they make chocolate.

It’s pretty cool! They are located in Fremont. So this could be something you do in the same day you check out Fremont Sunday market, the Troll, Gas Works Park, and walk the Burke-Gilman trail (the trail you can walk from Gas Works Park to the main streets in Fremont.

My big list of 50 best things to do in Seattle Washington. If you're trying to figure out what to do in Seattle, here's a mega list for you (with lots of Seattle tips and advice)

42// Visit the Boeing Factory

The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour is located about 25 miles north of Seattle. Here you can see Boeing assemble planes like the 747 and 777 from their observation deck, learn about the manufacturing process, and aviation in general. Boeing makes the most planes in the US by volume. I think it’s a cool place to check out even if you aren’t into planes.

Learn more about Boeing tours here.

43// Visit the University district

The University district houses the University of Washington. The U district is the second best place in Seattle to get public transportation after downtown. I didn’t get a chance to visit this area, but there is a ton of things to do here and they have events going on year round too. I just wish I had more time. Here are things to do in the University district.

44// See Lake Union

Lake Union activity seen from Gas Works Park

Lake Union is a decently sized body of water sandwiched between several popular Seattle neighborhoods. There are some typical water things you can do in Lake Union. I saw people canoeing, paddle boarding, and driving boats. There are also floating homes you can rent or tour. I would definitely check those out if you have time. You can see them in the background in my photo above.

I think a great way to experience Lake Union is to see it from Gas Works Park, which is located at the top of Lake Union. This way you’ll hit two Seattle things to do at once.

45// Eat & hang out on 1st Ave & 2nd Ave (near Pike Place)

Map of Seattle trendy bars and restaurants in the Belmont area

There are a bunch of trendy and hip neighborhoods to eat and enjoy entertainment. But for me, the stretch of real estate on 1st Ave and 2nd Ave in the downtown/Belltown area (1-2 streets up from Pike Place Market) was my favorite. I’m a city person and it just shouted out city vibes to me. I highly recommend talking a stroll in this area at least once in the evening. It was very lively even on a Sunday night.

46// Buy edible greens

Edible chocolate marijuana can be purchased in Seattle for recreational uses.

There are just a few states that allow you to legally buy marijuana. Washington is one of them. Not implying you should to buy it because it’s legal, but if that’s something you do or something you want to experience, Seattle would be a great place to do it. I’d go for edibles because it’s easy on your throat and gives you a relaxedvhigh that lasts longer. It’s also less conspicuous. You can locate a recreational marijuana store here.

47// Visit Mount Rainier

Mountain info from the observation deck

Mount Rainier is easily the most popular mountain in Washington State. It is a national park, an active volcano, and the tallest mountain in the State of Washington. There are a ton of things to do in Mount Rainier, and to experience it fully, you’ll want a few days at least and proper gear.

However, a day trip to Mount Rainier from Seattle is pretty popular with visitors to Seattle. You’ll pass by several lakes, towns, and waterfalls along the way there. Basically, it’s an all day scenic experience with a guide.

Here’s a really popular day tour of Mount Rainier.

48// Walk around downtown Seattle

Walking around downtown Seattle is of the best things to do in Seattle. There are many attractions in this area.

Downtown Seattle has some excellent sky scrapers to check out. I didn’t really visit downtown until the weekend so there wasn’t a lot of people there. It’s a different vibe to be in a place with big buildings and few souls around. But either way, downtown is still a great place to roam around when it’s bustling. You are up the hill a little from the waterfront, so as you cross streets, looking down towards the water! You’ll get some nice views and photo opportunities. Just don’t get hit by a car.

There are different areas of downtown as well. Some are busy and bustling because the touristy stuff is there (like areas near the waterfront). And other parts of downtown is where people mostly go to work, which makes the area pretty deserted on weekends.

Seattle’s downtown has many interesting things to do like visiting Colombia Tower’s observation deck and the Central Library. Seattle’s Aquarium, Art Museum, and the Smith Tower observatory is also in the downtown area. If you don’t have the time or money to do it all, just stroll around and pick one or two things to squeeze in. I would definitely see the Central Library because it’s awesome and free.

49// See the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit

You’ll find the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit right beside the Space Needle. Doing these two things together is a popular combo. I often see them both advertised together. Chihuly is a glass exhibit that showcases really cool shapes and colors made entirely from glass.

If Chihuly exhibit interests you and you want to see the Space Needle as well (of course you do) then you should check out the City Pass. It’s basically a discount book that gives you access to 5 popular attractions in Seattle for about 50% off if you do them all.

Check out Seattle’s City Pass here.

50// Go on a cruise around Seattle

You probably already know that Seattle is a major cruise port. It’s the gateway to Alaska as they say.

With that said, one of the BEST ways to experience Seattle is through a cruise around Seattle! There are many cruise options you can choose from. Some will include food and drink, and different cruises will take you to different parts of Seattle. Either way, you’ll get unique views of Seattle most visitors won’t get. Have your camera ready!

Click here to see cruise tours of Seattle

How to plan a trip and an itinerary for Seattle

I planned all the logistics for our trip to Seattle. I guess planning trips is kind of “my thing”.

Here’s how I create an itinerary for my trips.

The first thing I do is write down all the things I would like to see. I write all of them down. You’ve got 50 ideas here in this blog post to pick from. Then I put a star beside the things I definitely need to see. And then I find out where each things I want to do is.

I just use Google Maps. I type in the attraction and locate where it is. In a notepad, I wrote down each major neighbourhood and list the attraction underneath the appropriate neighbourhood.

So by now, it’s pretty organized. You have a list of things you want to do sorted by neighbourhood. It’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly how much time you need at each attraction so I kind of play it by ear when I get there. When I got to Seattle, I just went to each neighbourhood and did the things I wanted to do for sure first, and then hit up the rest of the things on my list with the left over time.

The really important thing is where you base yourself. I always choose to stay central. I’ll pay more money for a better location every time. It makes a HUGE difference in travel time. Downtown Seattle is most central. It’s easy to get anywhere in Seattle from here. So naturally, I found a great hotel here (Hotel Max).

Picking a great place to stay in Seattle

Again, the key is to stay as central as you can to the main attractions you want to see. Downtown is close to Pike Market Place, and in and around downtown there is a ton of other popular attractions as well as good night life. It just made sense to stay here. Getting over to other popular neighbourhoods like Ballard and Fremont was about a $12 – $15 Uber. However, if I stayed in Ballard/Fremont areas, I’d want to go downtown probably every day and that would take more time and be more costly than staying in downtown.

There’s a lot of good hotels in Seattle. As I mentioned earlier, there is not many budget or cheap hotels in Seattle downtown area. They’re mostly nicer ones. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars per night for hotels in Seattle.

Here are the best affordable hotels I found when I was doing my research for places to stay in Seattle:

Hotel Max (the hotel I ended up staying at)

Motif Hotel (Would have chose this one but looks like wifi in room isn’t free)

The Roosevelt (Similar to the two above in a great location)

Westin Seattle (a little pricier, but buildings are gorgeous with 360 degree view of Seattle)

Welp, that’s it!

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