You’re thinking about buying a course from Udemy but want to know if it’s legit…

I mean, it makes sense to Google around to see if you’re gonna get ripped off or not.

Well, I’ll gladly share with you that Udemy is totally legit!

My experience with Udemy

Most of the courses I have taken with Udemy are the free ones.

I’ve taken many personal finance type courses with Udemy and definitely recommend you to take free classes as well to get you started.

Udemy has grown exponentially over the past few years.

They have so many instructors now teaching so many different classes.

Now a days, pretty much every class is paid.

And rightfully so.

As the classes have gotten more diverse, and as Udemy has gotten more and more instructors, the class quality has also increased too.

A lot of courses for purchase with Udemy are top quality. They have been well thought out and professionally done.

Just make sure to read user reviews of courses.

When I buy Udemy classes, I rely solely on reading reviews. There’s nothing better than person opinions.

How Udemy works

You pay per course.

So let’s say you wanted to learn about photography, you would pay per photography class you buy.

This is good if you just want to take a few classes and that’s it.

There are other market places that sell courses too, like Skill Share, where you pay a monthly fee for access to ALL classes.

This model is beneficial if you have more time on your hands to learn stuff and want to learn a lot of things.

Udemy is the best place to learn things online

In my opinion, I’d say the best online place to buy courses is Udemy.

factoring in the price you pay along with the quality of course material, it’s hard to find anything better than Udemy. I haven’t. If you have a different opinion, definitely let me know because I’d love to check it out.

Udemy costs per class

I remember when Udemy was new and classes were like $50+ dollars, and they priced some at like $97 and even higher.

Pretty ridiculous.

But then they would have sales where all these expensive as hell classes were on sale for $15.

I guess it looks like a massive steal this way.

What’s funny is that they STILL use this business model.

However, now a days, every class is “on sale” for around $15.

Having a look at some photography courses, some I see some are $200 on sale for $15.

Really, Udemy?


But anyways, the main thing that matters to YOU as a potential customer of Udemy is this:

Is $15 for a course with Udemy worth it?


I obviously haven’t taken every course with Udemy, but if you stick with choosing classes that are ranked highly and have great user reviews, you should be getting a class worth well over $15 in value.

By the way, NEVER buy a course at full price.


Every course is “on sale” like all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a class that didn’t go on sale.

Now a days, I’m not sure if you can even buy a class at “full price”.

What types of Udemy courses are offered?

I especially like Udemy because they are much more mature now than before.

And even comparing it to other online sites to learn stuff from, Udemy is pretty top notch.

I like that they offer a wide array of classes in many many different subject matters. You do have to buy each individually, but it’s kinda like walking into a massive library compared to walking into a small library with only so many books.

If you are interested in learning about something, chances are Udemy has a class for it.

Especially if you are interested in learning about something that is semi popular or popular. Then for sure Udemy has something on it.

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Udemy reviews

So my personal experience with Udemy has been nothing but positive.

I searched Google for other people’s experiences with Udemy.

These Udemy reviews varied, but when you’re looking around for reviews, you’ll usually find negative reviews mostly because that’s what people say online when they have problems.

It sounds like the worst thing about Udemy is that their customer support isn’t very good.

This does suck.

Though I never had any technical issues or anything really, other people have and it sounds like support isn’t so good sometimes. It’s slow and maybe not near the quality it should be.

Personally, I wouldn’t be so dissuaded by this.

The courses are around $15.

And if losing a $15 product is the worst thing that can happen, then so be it. For me, I won’t lose sleep over it.

I think if classes costs $50+ and I had issues, then that would be more of a problem for me. Because that’s a much bigger loss.

Anyways, that’s my personal opinion on that.

I’m on Udemy to learn stuff. They have FABULOUS classes to take. And it has always worked for me. And I’m sure this is the case for most people who use Udemy.

So overall, I definitely recommend Udemy.

Make sure to read the reviews of Udemy classes before deciding to take a class. They are incredibly helpful and will help you decide to buy the class or not.

So if you’re wondering if Udemy is worth it or not, I definitely feel it is. Not every Udemy class is worth it, but the majority are. It’s hard to pick a bad class when you choose the highly rated ones that thousands of students have already taken already.

It makes Udemy definitely a legitimate place to learn things online.

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Check out Udemy classes!

I recommending browsing around Udemy’s website to see the courses they offer.

Make special attention to their most popular classes. They are popular for a reason!

I recommend choosing one of their popular courses if you are looking to get a general introduction to a topic (many popular classes are of the general variety, though not always).

More specific classes usually have less reviews. But they can amazing. And more helpful. But it’s hard to figure that out when there are less reviews.

But have a browse around.

Click here to check out Udemy classes.

Got a question about Udemy?

Hit me up in the comment section below! I’ll be happy to answer them.