On our last day in Seattle, we decided we needed some high quality sushi in our bodies.

Googling around for good Sushi and Saki houses in Seattle, we came across UMI Sushi and Sake House.

It was walking distance from our hotel (Hotel Max) and had good reviews, so we called in to reserve a table (I recommend reserving a table cause this place is crazy busy!)

My UMI Sake House Experience

I had never heard of UMI and had no expectations of it.

When I got there, it looked small on the outside. Like literally, the window was small and there was a sign above it.

UMI Sushi Seattle entrance

Walking in there were a few tables right at the front. All taken.

I thought it would just be a small place as I walked deeper in to the restaurant.

little did I know, the back end of it was large!

There was sections of seating, and two kitchens.

All along the walls were the typical and ever awesome private dining rooms.

We got a table on the floor.

Looking around, it looks like the people that like to eat here are tourists and people that don’t mind spending money on food.

That’s the impressions I got anyway.

Our server was this asian girl who was really sweet and friendly.

She was really busy and it took her awhile to finally get our orders in.

That gave me a chance to have a real good look at the menu.

Umi Sushi Menu

The menu itself is kinda cheaply made for a restaurant of this calibre. It’s thicker paper which lends itself to being damaged. Plus the writing in it was very small and the font not so fancy.

Anyway, the menu itself is pretty extensive. Almost too extensive.

I think the name of the game here is sushi rolls.

They have regular rolls and special rolls. And there are SO MANY you don’t know which one to pick. You could spend all day reading the descriptions of each.

I decided to vary the type of foods I got instead of ordering a bunch of rolls.

I really really love Sashimi (raw fish) but they are really expensive here. I’m sure they taste amazing but value wise, Sashimi isn’t worth it in most Japanese restaurant (need to go to all you can eat places for Sashimi).

I ordered spicy salmon rolls $9

Spicy salmon roll at UMI Sake House

It was quite good.

Not spicy at all.

But it was what I expected overall.

My favorite thing I ate here was lobster tempura. I had never had lobster tempura before. And I had to try it here.

Lobster Tempura $18

Lobster Tempura at Sushi UMI

I loved the lobster tempura.

It was one of my favorite things I ate during my 2 week west coast trip.

I loved the presentation of it. I wasn’t expecting the lobster shell. They use a full lobster tail, cut out chunks of lobster, deep fry it in tempura batter, and put it back in the lobster shell.

It reminded me of popcorn chicken. But waaay tastier obviously.

The side salad with it was a nice touch too.

I highly recommend ordering the lobster tempura here. Absolutely delicious. And it looks amazing too.

The last thing I ordered was seafood yakisoba $18.

I needed a fuller meal to fill me up, or I’d be spending a fortune here.

UMI seafood yakisoba

The red stuff was ginger, yuck!

I ate a mouthful of it and had to spit it out. I can eat just about anything, but ginger is not one of those things.

Overall, this dish was average tasting.

Looks wise, it’s a 9.5/10.

Everyone was ooing and aweing about my lobster tempura and seafood yakisoba.

I think what made this dish not that great was the sauce they used. It wasn’t that good. And it was over saucy.

But UMI gave me a LOT of seafood. Lots of shrimp, squid, and scallops. I love seafood to death. And it’s always awesome when I get more seafood than expected.

value wise, this dish is great. It just needs to taste better and the dish would be a slam dunk meal I’d recommend ordering.

Other UMI Menu items

My friends ordered a variety of stuff. Rolls, Sashimi, Yakisoba soup, and deep fried shrimp heads (never knew this was a food item until today).

UMI Japanese restaurant deep fried shrimp heads

My friend ordered fresh sushi (3 peices) $15.

It was fresh fish at market price, made into sushi or sashimi.

Let’s just say don’t order this. Because value wise, it’s one of the worst things you can buy.

Unless you have deep pockets, just skip it.

It was 3 pieces of sushi for $15. That’s just waaaaay too much money.

I could eat $150 of this easily.

On the contrary, I saw a lot of sushi rolls being served up. They were on long plates and looked like great portions. Or they just cut the pieces thinner and spread them out more.

Either way, it looked great.

Again, if you’re a big fan of sushi rolls, UMI Sushi has some of the biggest variety of sushi I’ve seen anywhere.

Their sushi roll menu will leave you more undecided once you look at it.

UMI Sake House Restaurant

The restaurant itself is a darker and dimly lit place.

It’s fairly big and has two kitchens (you can get your foods at different times because of this).

I got up half way through my meal to take a photo of the cooks.

They just starred at me when they noticed.

Chefs at sushi bar

And I grabbed a quick photo of the restaurant from a corner. Gotta love them corner shots.

Seattle UMI Sushi restaurant

The table itself was simple, as was the cutlery and plates.

I liked the soya sauce jar. It was nicer than most sushi places I’ve visited.

table settings at UMI Sushi bar

The candle is a nice touch because it’s dimly lit inside.

Candle on table at UMI Sake House Seattle

UMI Sake House Seattle Experience

Overall, I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

The food was good to great.

The service was great. The restaurant was professionally run. I can’t count the amount of times the hostess walked by our table (an active hostess is always a good sign).

There was a lot of staff, even though it took awhile to get our order in.

The wait time for food was reasonable.

I noticed about 4-5 different people who refilled our waters.

I loved that.

I think Sushi UMI has their water game and take dirty plates away game dialed in.

UMI Sushi Prices

You’ll want to spend about $40-$50 here.

It’s not a cheap place to get sushi.

No way.

I’d recommend UMI Sake House if you’re looking for a quality dining experience combined with good food.

If you’re just looking for a good cheap eat, this isn’t the place.

However, you could just get the seafood yakisoba (or equivalent) and spend around $20. So it doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive though there aren’t too many items on the menu that I would consider filling.

However, I feel like you should experience the sushi rolls here, and most of them cost between $15-$20 per roll. I think an average person could order two rolls and a drink, bringing your total to around $50.

And my last piece of advice for dining here would be to make sure to call in to reserve a spot. It’s really busy here (it was a Sunday evening when I went).


You can find UMI Sushi Seattle at:

2230 1st Ave Seattle (great location and very central)

(206) 374 8717 (remember to call to reserve a table!!)

UMI Sake house brand


Have you experienced Sushi Umi? in Seattle or anywhere else?

Let me know what your experience was like. Mine was quite positive but I’m always curious to hear about other people’s experiences.

Let me know in the comment section below!