The remote work economy has been gaining a lot of steam during the last couple years. More and more companies are becoming open to flexible scheduling through either partial or full-time work-from-home options or remote working setups, with Small Biz Genius reporting that the number of people working remotely up by 140% since 2005. In terms of having the right factors for remote workers to thrive, some American cities are better equipped than others.

Kansas City – Missouri

In a list of the best cities for remote workers, researchers from the blog Overheard at Conference Calls evaluated the most populated American cities based on work factors (average Wi-Fi speeds, availability of spaces to work in) as well as living factors (average commute times, cost of living). Out of 50 cities, Kansas came out on top, for its low cost of living and the fact that the city offers the fastest average Wi-Fi speed in the U.S. Furthermore, leading coworking provider Industrious is situated in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza, the premier shopping destination with high-end retail shops and restaurants, further promoting the city as a top location for business, networking, and socializing. Most coworking spaces in Kansas can be found in many convenient places, so you don’t have to worry about not having a place where you can spend your workdays. And if you prefer working at a coffee shop, you can look forward to great Wi-Fi.

Salt Lake City – Utah

Similar to Kansas, Salt Lake City scored well for both living and work factors, placing second on the said list. In fact, Kansas only beat Utah for the top spot because of the former’s higher average Wi-Fi speeds. What differentiates Utah however is that it’s also home to a strong outdoor recreation industry, thanks to the presence of the Oquirrh Mountains to the west and the Wasatch Range to the east. Salt Lake City even hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2002. In short, it’s an awesome place for remote workers who also want to be in close proximity to America’s great outdoors.

Miami – Florida

Although the cost of living is comparatively steeper in Miami, there are several reasons why remote workers should consider this Florida city. It’s home to several coworking spaces like Industrious, 360 Spaces, and StartHub Miami. It’s also widely known as the home of some of the most prominent Latin American businesses in North and South America, which means plenty of opportunities for work. And as the home of the Miami Ultra Music Festival as well as a historic and world-renowned Art Deco District, Miami has more than its fair share of cultural offerings for the worldly remote worker.

Austin – Texas

Known as a hub for progressive culture (as well as craft breweries), Austin is a state capital city with a surprisingly affordable cost of living as well as a large availability of coworking spaces. In recent years, Austin has become well-known as a melting pot for freelancers and innovators rivaling even the likes of San Francisco and New York – but with more affordable living conditions. This city is also where you’ll find the headquarters of, a remote-working organization that has provided countless job opportunities for freelancers not just in Texas but across the U.S.

Denver – Colorado

Although Denver isn’t exactly the first city you’d think of in terms of remote work, it’s actually highly competitive in terms of Wi-Fi speeds and the availability of both coffee shops and coworking spaces. It’s also widely known as a hub for artists and musicians of all kinds. Apart from being the home of the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre as well as about 14,000 acres of mountain parks, Denver is also where you’ll find Dizzion, a known contender in the cloud-computing space rivaling the likes of Huawei and Workspot. Dizzion specializes in providing other companies with remote working options for employees. The company has been influential in establishing a culture and work infrastructure that’s very welcoming of remote workers in the city – amid a long-standing arts and music scene.