Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world.

There’s just a small amount of networks that are at the top of the social media world, and Instagram is one of them.

So chances are, a lot of your friends and family are on Instagram sharing photos. And I’d say you’re missing out on these things if you’re not on it.

On top of that, your favorite brands and celebrities are on it too. Along with other people sharing visual content of their lives that you would be very interested in as well!

This blog post talks about what Instagram is and how Instagram works.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media network.

The main focus of Instagram is sharing photos with friends and other people all around the world.

Why do people use Instagram?

People use Instagram for a variety of reasons. Most people use Instagram to share photos of their daily life as they go about it.

For example, a person on vacation in Italy could share a photo of them eating gelato. Or a new mom could share a photo of her newborn.

Instagram is a completely visual social network with photo sharing being really the only thing that happens.

So really, it’s a way for people like you and me to share photos of what we’re doing and what’s going on in our lives, or businesses will use Instagram to get noticed and get more customers.

How do people see the photos you’e shared?

There are two main ways your photos can be seen. Anyone who is following your Instagram feed can see your photos. Your photos can pop up on the feeds of anyone following you. This is the best way to get your photos noticed. So the more followers you have, the more likely it is other people will see your shared photos.

The other main way to get your photos noticed is to use hash tags. Hash tags are keywords people use to find photos they want to see. For example, if I posted a photo of New York City and I want people to find my photo, I would use has tags like #NYC, #NewYork, #StatueofLiberty #EmpireStateBuilding #NewYorkNewYork, etc. When I do this, people who search for these words in Instagram can find my picture.

How does Instagram compare to other popular social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter?

Instagram is a social network that is photo dominated.

Instagram is all about sharing photos. It’s a visual network where the caption of text below each photo is far less important than the photo itself.

Pinterest is also a photo dominant network but it’s more of a search engine for blog posts and articles.

Facebook is a network that is more varied, with photos, videos, and text being shared.

Twitter is a dying network where breaking news content is more relevant.

Who uses Instagram?

Everyone uses Instagram.

I barely know anyone who doesn’t have an account with Instagram. Not everyone is active on it, but at one time or another, pretty much everyone I know has signed up for an account at least.

I would say about half my friends are somewhat active on it at least.

But besides that, young people, old people, men, women, and people all around the world use Instagram. It’s like Facebook (which everyone also uses).

Along with that, brands and companies use Instagram as well. They use it in a variety of ways, but ultimately, they use it to gain exposure and make more sales at the end of the day.

How does Instagram work?

Instagram works really well and really simply actually.

How Instagram works is that people post photos that other people can find. These photos can be commented on and liked. Basically, the more comments and likes a photo gets, the more popular it is. And when you post a lot of photos that get popular, you will likely gain more followers which will grow your account.

A popular Instagram account is really desirable because it means more people can see what you post. This is important if you want to be popular on Instagram, and just as important, you can actually make money on Instagram if you didn’t know. So the bigger following you have, the more likely it is you can make more money.

So really, Instagram is all about posting photos people like, which will help grow your account following, which then helps you make money with Instagram.

That’s it if your goal is to make money with Instagram.

But you can use Instagram just to share photos with your family and friends. A lot of people do this. Most Instagram accounts have small followings (less than 1000 followers). These followers consist of friends, family, and a few random people who have found the account and decided to follow.

There’s nothing wrong with using Instagram this way if that’s all that you want to do! Most people don’t get serious about Instagram. But know that it is possible to make a full time living posting pictures on Instagram.

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How do you make money off Instagram?

It just comes down to building an audience of followers. Once you have this, brands and companies may be interested in working with you. They will get you to post pictures of their products or talk about them or whatever, and you will be paid for this. Instagram is an incredible place to get work and grow your business.

For example, if you are a skateboarder and share a lot of pictures of you skateboarding, you will likely attract many fans of skateboarding followers. These followers will like and comment on your photos you share. And likewise, you’ll be liking other skateboarders on Instagram as well.

So let’s say you gain a good amount of followers. Well, skateboarding brands could be interested in working with you. They could give you a free hoodie in exchange for posting a photo of you skateboarding with the hoodie on, and you would mention them in your picture with a hash tag of their company name.

Or if you’re Instagram account is travel focused, meaning you post a lot of travel photos, then a company could “sponsor” you by giving you a free tour of Spain for example, and you would post photos of your time with this company in Spain.

Both examples above are common ways people are benefitting from Instagram. The examples I gave about are ways people are getting free things in exchange for posting pictures. However, if your account is large enough (have a good amount of followers), you can also get paid as well as getting the thing for free.

Most serious Instagrammers also want to be paid for posting photos. Brands and companies are very willing to pay you to post photos because your photos will expose their company to a wider audience. And even though they are paying you a few hundred dollars or a thousand or more, the potential customers they get will be worth more than they money they paid you to post a photo of their brand.

Many people also use Instagram in conjunction with a blog to get exposure and get noticed.

Why is Instagram so popular?

Some people wonder why Instagram is so popular. While your average person uses Instagram to share photos of their daily lives, the potential to make money on it drives other people to produce the best content possible.

Most people start out on Instagram just sharing random photos of whatever. But they begin finding and following brands and popular accounts. These brands and popular accounts will be showing off the latest fashion clothing, tech gear, travel photos, etc. And the majority of these business style accounts will in some way or another be advertising to you.

It could be as simple as sharing a photo of Rome, and saying “I’m on day two of traveling with Contiki tours and we’re in Rome today! I love it” in the caption area. It’s subtle advertising, but a person like this could be getting paid money as well as getting a free trip for sharing this image.

But besides the fact you can make money on Instagram, people love Instagram because they can visually see things they love. People share photos of food, their travels, and what they’re doing in their lives. Justin Bieber could share a photo of him recording in a Studio. Fans of him want this type of visual content. And they will follow Bieber on Instagram to get it.

That’s why Instagram is so popular. You follow people you like and get to see content you like. For you, it’s just visual awesomeness. On the other side, people with popular accounts can make money from followers. Because they are popular, they automatically have influence. And when they share a photo, they can promote a company or brand to their followers, who will no doubt check out the tour company, clothing brand, or whatever it is that is being promoted.

For a lot of people, Instagram if their life. It’s their main hobby.

Again, you can use it however you like though!

How do you get popular with Instagram?

Getting popular on Instagram is a lot of work.

Because the potential to make money on it is so high, it’s incredibly competitive.

The ins and out on getting popular on Instagram is a whole other blog post. But generally, you want to create content that people like. And you want to build an audience of followers that like what you’re about. When you do this, you have influence. And when you do it well, you will have a lot of followers.

You can reach out to brands and companies to request to work together. And companies can find you too (through hash tags usually!!!!)

But building that follower count is super super important. It’s the main thing brands will look at when they’re deciding if they want to work with you or not. The more followers you have, the more money you can make usually.

Phones you can use with Instagram

You can use any Apple or Android phone. Windows too.

Basically, any smart phone will have an app store where you can download Instagram.

How do you get Instagram?

Visit your app store in your phone. Download it. Then create an account. When you create your account, you’ll have to pick a user name that everyone will know you by. So choose carefully. The only problem here is that Instagram is so popular that it’s hard to get the name you want.

Also note that Instagram is a mobile app. You can use it on tablets but they don’t optimize their app for tablets. It’s truly mobile only.

You can access Instagram with a computer but the experience with a desktop computer is very limited. Again, it’s pretty clear that Instagram wants their users to use their app mainly with their phones.

Who can use Instagram?

Anyone over the age 13 can use Instagram!

Is Instagram hard to use?

Instagram itself is very easy to use.

You can figure out how it works just by playing with it. Well, figure out the main things at least.

Getting popular and gaining a lot of followers is another story!

Your thoughts on Instagram?

Got any questions about Instagram or any questions about this blog post? Let me know in the comment section below!