You may have heard of Swagbucks as a place to make extra money but you’re not sure what Swagbucks is or how Swagbucks works…

So I want to explain what Swagbucks is and talk about how you can use Swagbucks to make money and get gift cards too in this article.

I’ll answer some of the most common questions about Swagbucks below:

Swagbucks Review

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a online rewards company that gives you money and gift cards in exchange for doing things on their website.

I’ll get into what kinds of things you can do on their website to earn money and points later.

Swagbucks is one of the biggest online rewards type website too. They’ve paid out over 7 million dollars to their members.

What are Swagbucks

Swagbucks are points you earn with Swagbucks that are later redeemable for gift cards or money when you have enough points.

You perform tasks that earn you points. Some of these tasks are things you’re already doing online, like watching videos and shopping.

How does Swagbucks work

Once you have created an account with Swagbucks, you can begin earning money right away.

You can browse around and check out all the various things you can do to earn points that you can later redeem for gift cards or get money.

Some things you can do:

  • Shop online – If you buy things online, you can do it through Swagbucks. If you do, you earn extra points. Think of it like getting an extra discount. You don’t buy anything from Swagbucks themselves. They will send you over to the actual retailers website when you buy. You just want to go through Swagbucks first
  • Watch videos – Swagbucks has a variety of videos you can watch for money. They call them entertaining, but maybe, maybe not. Depending on what you find entertaining
  • Web search – If you want to skip Google and use Swagbucks’ search engine, you can, and you’ll make money from that too
  • Fill out surveys – This is one of the more popular tasks with Swagbucks. They have many surveys you can fill out for money. They pay you more than the other tasks too. So I definitely recommend filling out surveys on Swagbucks to earn the most money quickly
  • Play games – Swagbucks has a bunch of games you can play. When you do, you’ll earn points. It’s kind of weird to get paid to play games but it’s true!

You can do these things on their website from a desktop computer. But they also have a mobile app where you can perform these points earning tasks from you phone.

Is Swagbucks a legit website to use?

Swagbucks is definitely a legit place to earn cash and earn rewards. They are very popular and well known in the rewards industry. I recommend them as one of the first places to sign up with if you are looking to start making some money with this type of “work”.

I’ve never seen anything anywhere that would suggest Swagbucks isn’t legit.

Is Swagbucks a legit place to make money? It totally is. And you can make an extra $5- $10 an hour using them. This is a really good review of Swagbucks

Is Swagbucks safe to use?

I have not heard anything about Swagbucks not being safe. They are very reputable and a leader in their industry. I haven’t heard anything bad about them not paying their members or doing unsafe practices. I would recommend them to family and friends for sure.

Swagbucks paid surveys is the best way to make money

Swagbucks surveys are the best way to make money with them in my opinion. Some of the other tasks like watching videos and playing games don’t pay you as much as filling out a survey.

Filling out paid surveys is the best bang for your buck as far as time goes. The surveys you fill out are from companies who want to make their products and services better, so they get Swagbucks to give these surveys to people like you to fill out.

So you fill them out and the company learns how to make their products/services better, and then you get paid.

These surveys can be short or a little longer. Generally, surveys that take more time earn you more points.

Swagbucks has many for you to fill out, and if you’re interested in seeing more survey options, click here.

How you earn Swagbucks rewards

Swagbucks rewards you in points, called Swagbucks points. Your points are redeemed for gift cards to a lot of popular retailers. You can choose which retailer you want to redeem points from. You can redeem for points from big companies like Amazon and Starbucks. They have a lot of retailers to get gift cards from.

But you can also just redeem points for straight up money. They don’t send checks. You need a Paypal account to receive payment, cause that’s what they use.

How should you use Swagbucks?

I don’t think there’s any special way you should be using them. Whenever you want to make some money, go watch their videos, play their games, use their web browser, etc. And fill out paid surveys too, since they make you the most money.

Is Swagbucks really worth it?

Swagbucks will not make you rich. You’ll want to start an actual business if getting rich is your goal.

But Swagbucks is great for earning side income at night or on the weekends.

If you have free time and want to do something productive, then using Swagbucks is a great way to do just that.

I recommend singing up and checking it out. It’s free to sign up, so I would do that to see what it’s all about.

Start completing offers and doing stuff to earn Swagbucks points and rewards.

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks

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Is Swagbucks a legit place to make money? It totally is. And you can make an extra $5- $10 an hour using them. This is a really good review of Swagbucks