If you’re looking for help on what to write about on your blog or deciding on what your blog topic should be when you start your blog, read this.

I’m going to split this blog post up into 2 sections:

  1. Figuring out what topic or niche you want your blog to be about
  2. Figuring what blog post topics to write about when you run out of ideas

So I’ve been blogging for a long time and I NEVER run out of blog topics to write about and NEVER run out of niche blog ideas to start.

I always have the problem of too many things to blog about and not enough time!

And that’s because I’m really really good at identifying what to blog about.

So that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Deciding What Topic Your Blog Should Be About

Figuring out what the main topic of your blog is about is a big deal.

You’re going to be investing a lot of time into building your blog and you will be spending endless hours obsessing and thinking about your main blog topic.

So it’s obviously really important that you choose the right thing to blog about.

To get you started, keep the following in mind:

1// Blog about a topic you are passionate about

You want to blog about a topic that you love talking about.

It’s a lot easier to sit at your computer on a Friday night to hammer out a blog post while all your friends are out having fun when you are passionate about what you blog about.

It’s also much more exciting and fun to talk about things you naturally like talking about.

And chances are, you are already an expert about your passions (or very knowledgeable at least). Which will help you tremendously as you blog about it and help people solve problems.

You want to combine what you’re passionate about with the ability to make money. If you are passionate about travel, there are a lot of ways to make money with a travel blog.

However, if you are passionate about building puzzles, there is not a lot of opportunities to make money in this area (because people don’t have a lot of problems associated with building puzzles).

I’ll get into more about what good blog topics are that make money below. Just make sure that you have the ability to make money with your passion, and you’re almost all the way there.

2// Blog about a topic that people need a lot of help with

Like I was saying above, you need to blog about things that people spend money around.

It makes no sense to start a blog about sleeping in. There’s pretty much no way to make money with this type of blog. Nobody really needs help sleeping in. Maybe a few people do, but they certainly won’t be spending money to solve this problem.

You want to choose a blog topic where people have a lot of problems in a certain area. This is important because a blog’s main job is to solve problems. And the more problems you can solve, the more likely you can make money with your blog.

People pay a lot of money to solve problems.


A few examples:

  • A man who’s about to get divorced may pay obscene amounts of money to get help to keep his marriage together
  • A long time smoker who may die soon if he/she doesn’t quit would be willing to pay a lot of money to quit his/her addiction
  • A overweight and self conscious woman in her mid 30’s who’s struggling to find love could certainly pay a lot of money to learn how to be confident, lose weight, and attract a man before it’s too late

You see, the examples above are areas of people’s lives that really matter to them. Problems in these areas really affect their lives, and people will pay a lot of money to fix these problems.

Think about what you’re passionate about and then think about all the problems people could have related to your passion.

If there are a lot of problems, especially if they are urgent problems, you have a winning blog topic.

3// Blog about an evergreen subject

An evergreen blog topic is something that is relevant today and will be relevant 20 years or 50 years from now.

It’s relevant forever.

This is important, because things change in life. And what you blog about today could be unimportant tomorrow. And you really don’t want your blog topic to be unimportant down the road.

It would be like starting a business and then nobody is interested in buying your stuff anymore. That would be a shame.

The main evergreen topics are related to:

  • health
  • wealth
  • relationships

The above are the 3 main ever green markets. I read that 90% of the money that exchanged hands online is within the above 3 markets.

That’s how BIG and IMPORTANT they are.

Decide what type of person you want to help from the get go

A very important aspect of blogging is helping others solve problems.

But you don’t want to help EVERYONE.

You can’t.

You’re not the answer to everyone’s problems. You are the answer to a specific group of people’s problems.

You want to start a blog that helps a specific group of people solve their specific problems.

For example, if you started a travel blog, you don’t want to be a general travel blog. You want to be a solo female travel blog, a backpacking blog, a family travel blog, or an Italian travel blog.

If you’re a solo female travel blog, you’ll be helping females travel the world alone. You’re going to speaking directly to females on your blog and helping females solve their specific problems traveling the world alone as a female.

You’re obviously not going to be talking about helping men pick up girls while traveling.

So picking your audience is a very important step when deciding what to blog about.

4// Be mindful that what you blog about can change over time

Although you start a blog on a certain topic, it can definitely change or evolve over time. Many people start blogging without truly knowing what to talk about, and eventually figure that out as they blog along.

It’s better to know what you want to talk about right from the get go however. But also know that what you talk about and who you help can evolve as you learn more about blogging and your audience over time.

If in doubt, choose a topic within the big 3 markets

If you’re still not sure what to blog about and want to start a blog right now, then begin by choosing a blog topic that falls under the big 3 markets.

So something that is health, wealth, or relationships related.

Because these are evergreen topics where people spend a lot of money in, your chances of messing up your blog topic is much lower.

5// Consider starting a “Lifestyle” blog

A lifestyle blog is what I recommend most people start.

A lifestyle blog is kind of a fancy word for a blog about that talks about what you’re passionate about.

For example, my blog mint habits is a lifestyle blog. I talk about making money, photography, and travel – a few major things in my life that I love.

I don’t recommend talking about so many topics when you start your blog. That’s because it’s hard to stay focused and grow a blog when there’s so much going on in the beginning.

What you want to do is pick a MAIN topic your blog is mostly about. And begin writing digging deep into this topic. And as you gain traction and have success, you can branch out to related topics and/or talk about a completely different topic.

But it’s important to pick a MAIN topic your blog will mostly be about.

A lifestyle style blog lets you talk about everything. So it’s extremely flexible which I love. I find a lot of people aren’t focused because of this, and they talk about this and that and ultimately don’t attract readers that want to stick around.

So make sure you zone in on a main topic first.

Still wondering what should I blog about?

I hope you’re much clearer on what you should be blogging about now.

In a nut shell, you want to pick a passion, figure out if people spend money related to solving problems around the topics of your passion, and then decide on the specific group of people you want to help within your passion.

If you can do all that, you should be good to go!

Learn what to blog about and how to come up with blog topics

5 Ways To Figure Out What To Blog About

So the following will help you figure out blog topics to write about when you get stuck for ideas.

1// Use a keyword research tool

This is the most important way I find topics to write about.

A keyword research tool shows you what people type into Google when they search for things. It shows you what problems people want solved and how many of these people are looking in Google to solve the problem.

It’s incredibly powerful and it’s the main way I find topics to blog about.

I use a tool called SEMRush to keyword research. It’s a paid tool that helps me do a lot of valuable research into keywords people use to type into Google when they have a problem to solve.

2// Check what your competitors are blogging about

You’ll have a ton of competing blogs. Head over to their website and check what they are talking about. If you notice anything you like or notice the blog post was share a lot and/or received a lot of comments, that topic could be something you write about too.

You obviously want to write it in your own words and point of view. And you may also want to spin it a little so it’s not the same topic while still staying related.

Regardless, many of your competitors are also researching what to blog about, and then publish content around that. So might as well piggy back off their work.

3// Ask your readers what they want to read

It’s important to start an email list right away.

One of the benefits of having an email list is that you can email them to ask them directly what they want to learn more from you about.

Besides being able to ask your readers questions, an email list is your secret ninja tool to make money blogging as well.

You MUST have an email list. I don’t care what you blog about. It’s necessary and that’s the end of story.

4// Browse popular places where people ask questions

People are asking questions online all the time. You want to browse around these areas to stay up to date with what’s going on in your industry and to a an eye on the things the people you want to help struggle with.

A few great places to research what to blog about are:

  • forums
  • yahoo answer
  • blog comments on related blogs
  • Quora
  • Facebook groups

5// Browse Pinterest for ideas

Pinterest is a social network a lot of bloggers use.

Bloggers share their blog posts on there to get traffic to their blogs.

You can see how well pins do by looking at how often the pin is shared and/or saved.

Type in a keyword related to your blog topic and check out all the pins that show up. Generally speaking, Pinterest will show the more popular pins near at the top. You’ll see what pins are doing well and then you can piggyback off it.

You can write about the same topic in your own words or maybe it will give you an idea to write a similar topic.

Either way, Pinterest is full of ideas on what to blog about.

It’s a network you want to be a part of yourself as a blogger if you’re not already on it.

Questions on what to blog about?

Still wondering what should I blog about?

Hopefully not.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comment section below.