You are in the elevator and suddenly a puff of gas escapes your derriere. However noiseless you try to make it, it ensures you face embarrassment with the wrath of those oily onion rings you had last night. And although you try to blame it on the next guy, the bottom burp isn’t really shushed.

Farts- leaked by all but accepted by none, are as normal a human phenomenon as breathing, (although a largely ridiculed one). It is the air that gets into your stomach and intestine.

A fun fact about flatulence is that every person farts about 20 times a day on average. That’s right! Everyone does it. Only some people are more aware of it than others.

While these nauseous fumes may bother some people more than others, let’s try to find out how much farting is normal, what to do when you fart too much, what precautions can be taken to avoid excessive belching, so on and so forth.

But first, let’s understand the basics of these anal audios.

The Origin of Flatulence: Why You’re Farting A Lot

The food that you eat gets broken to pieces in your stomach. It, then, moves to small intestine for further processing, where it gets absorbed in the blood stream. However, the food that’s left undigested goes down to the colon (large intestine) in the form of waste. That’s where the gases are formed.

According to Ask Men, the large intestine houses a variety of digestive enzymes and bacteria. These enzymes feed on the chemical bonds of undigested nutrients, leading to production of gases.

And that’s where you get these fumes from. But what about the nasty smell? Well, this broken down and dissolved food exhales many gases, some odorless and other smelly. For instance, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Methane are the good ones while Hydrogen Sulphide is the bad boy.

So long story, the type of food you are eating decides the smelliness of your farts. The ‘high on Sulphur’ foods can leave the people around you nauseous.

Why Do I Fart So Much? 11 Possible Reasons

As a matter of fact, yes. What I mean to say is, there is no such thing as ‘men fart more than women’, or ‘oldies showcase more bottom burps than children’. It is absolutely normal to pass gas 20-23 times a day. And pretty much, everyone does it.

The frequency and intensity of your farts vary due to lifestyle habits, although it generally doesn’t have much to do with gender.

So here are a few reasons that might be causing you to fart more than others:

You aren’t chewing your food enough

If you chew your food properly before gulping in, you prevent your digestive tract to do the extra work and produce gases. Likewise, taking in unbroken food means it would be broken in your stomach. Hence, more gases will be produced inside.

You swallow too much air while eating

A lot of people have a habit of eating with their mouth open, or talking while eating. That’s when air enters along with your food, leading to flatulence. While mostly, it goes off when you burp. But when it’s too late, it takes the bottom exit. 

You are including too many carbs in your meal

Of the main nutrients, carbohydrates are the most difficult to digest ones. Sugar and starch can get easily fermented and the bacteria residing in our bellies love to feed on undigested carbs.

According to Embarrassing Problems, some of the most high-in-carb foods are:

  • Beans
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Peas
  • Root Veggies like Parsnips
  • Raisins
  • Slimming Foods like Fructose and Sorbitol
  • Fruit Juices
  • Apples
  • You are over-eating

If you are an emotional eater and fail to control your munching, you could be more prone to flatulence. You are feeding your stomach more than it needs to keep you going. Naturally, the enzymes produced in your body may fall short of the food intake. Hence, the undigested food could get fermented and leads to frequent farts.

If you're farting too much, here are the most common reasons why you're farting a lot and how to stop flatulence

You are taking in a lot of fizz

If fizzy Cola and other aerated drinks are integral parts of your regular diet, chances are that you may be a fartoholic. These drinks introduce loads of gas in your belly, which needs to escape some way or the other. While you might notice excessive burping after having a fizzy drink, excess farting also becomes inevitable.

You like to dress tight

You can’t leave the house without your favourite lycra tights or that corset to keep your belly flat. Such tight fitted clothes put a lot of pressure on your stomach, thereby trapping the gases inside. So when finally your stomach is liberated, it exhales from bottom unexpectedly and in a really bad way.

You are frequently constipated

Constipation is closely connected to flatulence. When you aren’t able to get rid of the faecal matter, it gets more and more fermented, leading to an increased production of smelly fumes. Also, the gas in your bowel gets trapped behind the stool. So when it finally finds its way out, it brings some of the stink of the poop with it. That’s the reason why your farts smell a lot in constipation.

You are taking too much stress

According to Enki Village, when you are anxious or tensed, you tend to gulp in more air than usual. This is because the increased adrenaline levels make your guts more active. Hence, your backside makes more noise than normal.

You are pregnant

Yes. That compressed version of a human being leaves lesser room for the other organs in your belly. Pregnant women are more prone to acidity, gastric attacks and flatulence. Even after childbirth, a woman’s body gets back to normal at its own pace. The anus and its nearby tissues may get affected during normal childbirth. It becomes loose and isn’t able to hold the wind in. Hence, her body is more susceptible to farts.

You are allergic to certain foods

A lot of people aren’t aware of the allergies and intolerance they may have for some foods. Even if you are the slightest of lactose intolerant, you might start to fart more than usual with its intake. People who are allergic to gluten can observe flatulence as a symptom too.

Your digestion is going down with age

A very common occurrence, the body starts to become obsolete. Naturally, the organs depreciate and begin to malfunction as well. The digestive system too, fails to produce the same level of digestive juices and enzymes. And that’s why the senior citizens pass out more bottom burps than youngsters.

You smoke regularly

While smoking, you obviously take in a lot of air along with the smoke. Besides, saliva also gets produced in your mouth which, when gulped, takes in air along with it. This air needs to escape your body someway. Hence, people who fag, fart more than others.

You are suffering from Intestinal Infection

As noted in people with lactase deficiency, not having enough milk can lead to problems. When a person faces deficiency of the carbohydrate found in milk, the undigested lactose may produce Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen. When these gases reach the large intestine, they cause Diarrhoea, stomach cramps and belching.

How To Stop Farting So Much?

Now that you know quite a lot about the reason behind frequent farts, here are some easy tricks to keep them at bay:

Keep a tab on your diet: Make sure you are eating right. Take adequate levels of all the nutrients, as excess of everything is bad. Now that you have the list of high-carb foods, have them in limited quantities.

Cut down on Starches and Sugars: As mentioned earlier, these are the most difficult to break. Hence, make sure you aren’t binge eating them.

Go Probiotic!: Probiotics are high on healthy bacteria that help you restore you natural enzymes. They also aid in fighting indigestion and belching.

Quit smoking: For many reasons now, it’s high time you quit smoking. Not only will it help you stave off your frequent farts, but also help you lead a better life overall.

Exercise: Last but not least, make sure you exercise to keep your organs healthy and working. Your body removes a lot of gas while exercising, besides keeping your hormones and enzymes balanced.

In the end, if you are doing it right and still aren’t able to control the excessive farts, visit your general physician for help. There could be an underlying health issue leading to such side-effects as flatulence.