One of the most important job of a blogger is writing blog posts.

Not just any blog post…

… but a blog post that grabs the readers attention, and then maintains that attention throughout the entire article.

You want to master this, because this will ultimately help you make more money from your blog.

The longer a reader stays on your blog, the more likely it is they will do something that helps you make money.

Today, I want to share with you my best tips for writing a really damn good blog post that gets read from start to finish.

10 Tips For Writing A Great Blog Post

1// Keep your introduction short

You want to briefly introduce your topic in your introduction paragraph and then get on with the main body of the blog post.

I think some people want to start out their article with a bang, but then they get a bit too wordy or off topic in the introductory paragraph, and they risk losing the reader.

I like intro paragraphs to be just a few sentences or a few short paragraphs only.

The main point of the introduction paragraph is to introduce the topic. So do that and then move on. Don’t worry about getting fancy about your writing here or making things sound beautiful and awesome.

I think less is definitely more here.

2// Promise something in your introduction

The one thing you MUST do in your intro paragraph is to tell your reader exactly what it is they will be getting when they read your article.

If you don’t promise them something, you risk losing them because they don’t know if they should read your article or not. They don’t know if you will solve their problem.

People online have really short attention spans. And there are many other articles on Google that may help them. You don’t want them to skim your intro paragraph and then hit the back button because they aren’t sure if this article answers the questions they have.

For example, in this blog post, I promised to share my best tips for writing a damn good blog post.

If you’re here to learn about writing a better blog post, then at the very least I have promised to do that for you and that you aren’t reading an article about purple elephants from space.

3// Use a lot of headlines and sub headlines

Headlines and sub headlines rule!

They break up your text and make it look less intimidating to read, and create space for your blog post so it can flow more naturally.

You don’t want to write long paragraphs after paragraphs. Who wants to read that? It’s so intimidating to readers.

Sub headlines lets the reader know what they are about to read. Most readers do not read every single word you write. But sub headlines breaks it down into chunks that the reader can digest more easily, and they can also pick and choose what they read more easily.

For example, each tip title in this blog post is actually a sub headline. You may not end up reading every single tip in depth, but you can certainly skim through and read the ones that interest you the most.

This will keep you on my blog longer and consume more of my content.

And maybe encourage you to sign up for my email list too 🙂

4// Plan your blog post before you write

I feel like a lot of people sit down and just write write write, and wherever the blog post goes is where it goes.

This can work sometimes, but usually it looks really scatterbrain and unorganized.

You are better off creating your headlines and sub headlines first, and then writing the content. This way, you have structure, and your blog post can flow naturally.

Think of like writing a movie. You want to write down the main things that happen in the movie first. The plot. After that, you can fill in the details.

So write down the main things your blog post will be about first, order them in a way that makes sense and flows, and then begin writing the meat of the article after!

5// Define exactly who you are talking to first

A lot of unsuccessful bloggers and mediocre bloggers write for everyone.

This is a huge mistake.

Nobody wants to read a generic article. They want to read an article written just for them.

When you write a blog post that targets a specific person (or group of people), you are speaking directly to a certain type of person, and your message will resonate with them much more.

There are a gazillion other bloggers talking about the same things you are talking about.

Why should a reader read your blog over your competition?

Well, because you resonate and connect better with YOUR specific group of people by writing content that speaks to their needs and problems.

In the end, you will build your own little audience of loyal readers and followers who will be more than happy to buy your products and services, and take your recommendations when you promote an affiliate product.

6// Write first, edit later

I think it’s better to write everything down and edit in the end.

Yes, you noticed that spelling mistake and punctuation error as you write, but just leave it. Go back and edit it after you are done writing the article, or better yet, the next day when you have a fresh mind looking at it.

The reason you don’t want to edit as you write is because it can really cramp your flow and your creative juices.

Overall, it’s usually a better use of your time when you just write write write and then edit after.

I’m a big culprit of this and should take my own advice more often. Sometimes I end up editing the same sentence over and over again because I’m trying to sound all pretty. And all it did was just waste 10 minutes of time.

7// Solve problems

The main objective of any blog post is to solve problems.

If you’re not actively trying to solve problems with your blog post you are doing it incredibly wrong.

People are not reading your blog for funzies. Unless your blog is about funny cat memes.

They read your blog to learn something. To solve a problem. To get help.

So you better be providing that in every single blog post.

When you solve a specific problem a specific type of person has, they will get so much value from your blog post, they just might sign up for your email list for more.

Or maybe even purchase a product you recommend to them!

Whether they end up taking an action that helps you out or not, you are building trust and likability with your reader. This is ALWAYS a good thing.

And you should have an email list so you can continually keep in touch, build a stronger relationship, and help them out even more with other problems they have.

Ultimate, an email list lets you strengthen relationships with your readers. It’s the most important way to make money with your blog.

Not many people buy things the first time they visit your blog or hear from you. But once they learn more about you, what you blog about, and get to see what type of person you are, they will like and trust you more – like friends do with friends.

And when you promote a product/service to them that can help them, they will be much more likely to check it out and buy because you recommended it.

Learn how to write the perfect blog post that makes readers read all of it and leave comments, sign up for your mailing list, and eventually buy things from you.

8// Stay on topic

Whatever it is you are solving with your blog post, stick to that and that’s it.

I read a lot of blog posts that fluff a lot and get off topic.

Most people have a short amount of time and just want the information they are looking for.

So answer the readers questions succinctly and clearly. And stick to answering just the questions that should matter in your blog post.

9// Cover the topic better than everyone else

Before you think about blogging about a topic, go to page one of Google and click on the first few search results or so.

How good are these articles?

If they’re really damn good, then consider writing about something else. People don’t really need another blog post about the same thing if there is already a bunch of blog posts that cover the topic extremely well.

But usually, there is a lot of room to write a better article. If you feel you can, make sure you do exactly that. It will at least give you a chance to rank better than them, and shows readers you have a better resource than other people (which will make them prefer you).

10// Write like you talk

I think a lot of people get a little hung up on how to write when they blog.

And I feel like a lot of people think writing like an essay or they did in school is the right way to blog. Because it looks “professional” and is more proper.

Well, it’s not.

Not for blogging.

Blogging is all about connecting with your readers on a personal level.

And how do you connect personally?

You write personally!

Write like your grandma would write you a note in the mail. Write like you are talking to your friend on the phone. Write like you are having a conversation with a customer.

This is the most powerful tone of voice you can have as a blogger.

And it’s so incredibly easy to do! You just pretend you are talking and write like that.

11// Bonus tip: Keyword research your topic to find out what people want to learn

The most important skill in blogging is keyword research (my opinion, and it’s true!)

Imagine being able to answer questions people have not by imagining them yourself, but by using a tool that tells you EXACTLY what people are searching in Google every day for.

That’s what keyword research is.

And it’s something EVERY blogger needs to be doing.

No questions asked.

For example, this blog post about how to write a good blog post did not come to me out of thin air.

I performed keyword research and found out people are looking for this information online.

It would make sense people are looking to learn how to write better blog posts. But how many of these people are looking for this information? And I never really know for sure that people are interested in this topic.

Keyword research validates that yes, factually, people are searching Google for tips to write better blog posts.

And now I can write a great article that helps them solve that problem.

Do you have a blog post writing tip you want to share?

If you have a great tip on writing blog posts, let me know in the comment section below! I may even include it in this post.

Or if you have any questions at all hit me up!